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Title Search in NC or SC

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Need to find out more information on a property? A title search can help determine ownership or liens/defects. If you are NOT under contract and would like to order a title search on a property in North Carolina or South Carolina, then this option is right for you!


  • Some restrictions may apply to a few SC counties, as they do not have online records. 

If you are unsure of whether a quitclaim deed is best, contact us directly at: [email protected].

* Our quitclaim deed service DOES NOT include: insuring title, title search, transferring ANY money between seller or buyer. 

This option should NOT be selected is the buyer is paying the seller any money for the property being transferred. 

Thinking about bidding on a foreclosure? If you don’t have an active contract and want to know more about the title for real property, order our new Title Search and Evaluation service.

This option is perfect for investors who are thinking of going under contract but first want to learn more information before giving any deposits. The example here would be if one were considering purchasing a foreclosed home that hasn’t yet been bid upon at auction or already purchased by another party. You could then pay us money in return for getting further details on the history of ownership over time as well as other important pieces of data concerning this piece of land through our brand-new Title Search & Evaluation Service!

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