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Transfer real property in NC or SC via quitclaim deed

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Need to quitclaim your property?

No problem! If you are certain that a quitclaim deed title transfer is the way to go, then we can help. Just click here to submit the information we will need to get started and one of our team members will contact you in 24 hours or less after we receive the completed form with payment for services to complete the Quitclaim Deed process. (NC or SC only)

  1. Quitclaim Deed is a document that transfers property
  2. A quitclaim deed can be used to transfer ownership of property from one person to another
  3. This type of deed does not include any warranties or promises about the condition of the property being transferred
  4. The person who receives this type of deed will have no protection against liens, easements, mortgages or other encumbrances on the property
  5. For these reasons, it is best for only close family members and friends to use a Quitclaim Deed when transferring ownership of their home. Best uses for quitclaim deeds: Divorces, name changes, inter-family transfers
  6. If you are buying your next home with someone else, then a quitclaim deed transfer is likely not the best way to go.
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* Our quitclaim deed service DOES NOT include: insuring title, title search, title insurance policy. As part of this service, 24 Hour Closing will NOT handle the transferring of ANY money between Grantor and Grantee. 24 Hour Closing does NOT recommend the quitclaim deed option if ANY money is being transferred between Grantor and Grantee.

This option should NOT be selected if the Grantee is paying the Grantor any money for the property being transferred.